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FryAir™ Caddy - Buy One Get One Free

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Introducing the FryAir Caddy – The latest new release in the FRYAIR range you just want to park up on your kitchen top!

The FRYAIR Caddy makes it quick and easy to cook your favourite foods to tender-crisp perfection every time, without excess oil or mess!
Ideal for households with a premium counter space, our retro styled FRYAIR Caddy looks super cool parked up on your countertop- its just as flash as its inspiration.

With the FRYAIR you can fry nearly anything...and fast! Create delicious meals and snacks that are crispy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside. 

The FRYAIR Caddy has a wide 80-200°C temperature range and 360-degree FRYAIR technology, you have the flexibility to crisp up everything from hot chips to crumbed chicken, to roast veggies, barbecue meats and beyond.

In 3 easy steps you can enjoy a healthy new way to cook in minutes with no extra effort required:
1. Put in your fresh or frozen food
2. Set the temperature
3. Set your timer

It really is that easy! It almost sounds too good to be true; that is, until you’ve tried it of course.. Start cooking with your FRYAIR Caddy today and enjoy a delicious oil free meal in no time.

What's in the package?

  • FryAir Caddy 3.2 Litre capacity Air Fryer - Choose from two colour options Caddy White or Caddy Black!
  • Instruction manual and recipe inspiration booklet.

Key Features

-Stunning retro styling
-Easy-to-use twin dial design. Time and Temp.
-Fries, Ribs, Prawns, Baking, Chicken, Steak, Fish
-60 Min Timer with auto switch off (set and forget!)
-Large 3.2L Capacity Basket
-Slides out for easy access
-Non-stick Coating
-Easy to clean
-Variable Temperature Selection
-Up to 200° C
-Little to No Oil Needed
-A healthier way to cook
-Cool Touch Carry Handle with non-slip feet
-Dishwasher Safe Basket
-Easily detachable
-1 year warranty



Voltage: 220v - 240v

Power Consumption: 1500W

Temperature Range: 80°C -200°C

Capacity: 3.2L Basket

Outside height: 370mm

Outside width: 280mm

Outside width with handle: 350mm

Inside basket diameter: 195mm

Basket depth: 105mm



Is it easy to use?
The FryAir Caddy is so easy to use! Just spin the dial entering your time and temperature.

What life does the halogen globe usually have for average use of the machine?
The life for the halogen globe is 2,000 hours. If you are outside of warranty, no worries! We can repair your FRYAIR Caddy for a fee. Contact us for a quote, we are happy to help.

Is the FryAir the same as a deep fryer? 
The Fry Air Caddy is healthier way to cook and make food just as crispy, without drenching your food in oil! It is ideal for making roast pork with crackling, fried chicken, fish, chips and more. You can cook with low fat or no fat, much healthier for your hips and your heart!

Is this unit safe to sit on a bench or should it be sitting on a chopping board? Is there a lot of heat in the bottom of the unit? 
You can place a baking mat or chopping board under the unit when you are cooking food if you like, but it is not necessary.

Where does the smoke go?
The FryAir Caddy does not smoke unless there is oil or food burning.

Can you take it camping?
Yes you could take it camping! Keep in mind you would need a source of power to connect this to, whether it is a mains outlet or a generator.

(As long as the generator power is sufficient for the FryAir Caddy power supply which is 1500W)

Is it easy to clean?
Yep, just pull out the drawer and clean it like a normal non stick frying pan!  

Can you cook from frozen?
Yes! Most things are fine, and please note there may be adjustment in cooking times required.

Do I need to add oil to my food?
Generally speaking- nope! Oil is completely optional. Frozen snacks and most meats all have fat/oil already, and will crisp up beautifully without the need of any additional oil or fat. The exception to this is if you are making your own fresh cut chips or other root vegetable dishes we recommend lightly coating your veg in oil for extra crispiness and flavour.

How much power do I save compared to a standard oven?
The FryAir Caddy uses 1500W, and cooks in about 2/3 of the cook time than a normal oven, as well as taking away pre-heating time. (The only exception is baking cakes etc which use the same amount of time, minus preheat)

Standard ovens can use between 2000-8000W, and require pre-heating.

How much faster is it than using an oven?
No preheating plus cooking times are about half to 2/3s cook time.

What’s the warranty?
The FryAir Caddy has a 12 month warranty on working parts. Warranties exclude damage by force, misuse and accessories with oil residue build up. 

If you have any further questions or would like to make a warranty claim, please reach out to us


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nicole O'Brien (Lower Hutt, NZ)

Amazing product use it everyday

Lin Hankey
Awesome little fryer

Purchased this to use in our MH, great little fryer and wattage only 1500 W so can use on our solar setup if need be. Still learning all the things I can do, but so far all good.

Annette Savage (Auckland, NZ)

Quite small not working, replacement arrived un wrapped, disappointed.

Vicki-Mae Mreroa (Auckland, NZ)
Excellent experience

Three day delivery after service, product pa ked well and wonderful to use. Thank you for prompt and excellent service 😀

Lena Visser (Christchurch, NZ)
Nice air fryer

It is a bit smaller then I thought but works great!