An air fried dish with Guacamole and Garlic Yogurt dip on the sides

Air fryers - the new oven?

It seems like everywhere you turn these days an air fryer is staring back at you! But how did we go from frying foods in vats of oil to delicately crisping them in air? The journey started longer ago than you think….

About 76 years ago a cooking device came onto the scene called a ‘Convection Oven’. It was an odd-looking contraption, large, bulky and slightly obnoxious on the bench. It promised to deliver beautifully cooked foods faster than a conventional non-fan oven and cook with circulated air to give off a very even heat.

It certainly piqued some interest over the years, but perhaps the hurricane that was the microwave era was too deep in force and the name wasn’t catchy enough for it to really take off.

 Fast forward to 2011 and slowly the tides began to turn. Show TV had just discovered a groundbreaking cooking device on their travels and were about to start pitching it at events and shows all over the country. It was called an ‘Air Fryer’ well the FryAir™ to be exact, and it was your ticket to cooking delicious, oil free meals at home in no time at all! Taking its roots from the convection oven, this wonder machine now boasted versatile cooking accessories, a sleeker look and even a built-in rotisserie!

For the first couple of years the FryAir™ air fryer required a long and descriptive pitch for people to comprehend exactly what it did, but the moment anyone realised what this baby could do they couldn’t get their hands on one fast enough! Popularity grew and grew, and as the years went by, air fryer became a household name, in fact, some of the best memes I’ve ever seen are about air fryers! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok. Everywhere you look there is an air fryer recipe or hack. The wave has certainly gathered momentum and there seems to be no signs of it slowing down.

Over the years, we at Show TV have worked and developed the original FryAir™ design and improved and tweaked here and there. The digital dial upgrade on the FryAir™ Touch elevated the control you have, and allowed people to delay their cooking, which in the modern world we live in is a must have for busy lives!

We may have polished her a little, but the heart and soul of the original FryAir™ Classic still beats strongly within the brand, the decision to create a XL 10L cooking capacity was initially scoffed at by others, but as you can see in the market now, people want the size. It is becoming societies new oven, a feat no one dared imagined when this all began.

So if you are one of the last people on earth that hasn’t experienced the joy that is cooking with an air fryer, we recommend you get one today, and of course the FryAir™ brand can supply you with a beautiful, functional, versatile machine to get you started! – Happy air frying!

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